Biker subculture fashion study

For bikers, a steel horse is more than just a vehicle, it is their best mate. A motorcycle is the most important part of the biker lifestyle.

In addition to the love for motorcycles, bikers are also known for their canonic intimidating image - leather jackets, vests plastered with patches, denim jeans, etc. Why did bikers choose these particular outfits? Why do they wear leather jackets? This post answers such questions about biker outfits/fashion.

Is the biker look fashion or function?


when we talk about biker fashion, the images of leather jackets and cool silver rings immediately pop up in our heads. Every element of the motorcycle style has a reason, whether it is a skew zipper or a massive chain. However, what is functional to a motorcycle gang has heavily influenced alternative fashion for many years. The biker fashion trend blends traditional rock and roll style with modern biker gear.

How to style biker fashion?

If you’re looking to put together a biker fashion look, let’s take a look at the essential elements you’ll need to recreate a biker outfit-

  • The Leather Biker Jacket/Perfecto Jacket Alternatives

  • The Biker Jeans

  • The Biker Boots

  • Helmets and Protective Gears

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