The fashion chronicles-the style stories of history's best dressed. written by Amber Butchart.

Amber Jane Butchart is a British fashion historian and writer. In 2018, she presented the BBC documentary series A Stitch in Time. Butchart teaches at the London College of Fashion, and consults with the British police as a forensic garment analyst. She has spoken at events hosted by prestigious cultural organisations including the British Museum, Tate Britain, Royal Academy of Arts, the Design Museum and the British Film Institute. She is a regular on SHOWstudio fashion week panels. Amber was Head Buyer and Trend Analyst for cutting-edge international vintage clothing chain Beyond Retro, and has worked with top fashion brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, applying her historical knowledge to their public campaigns. She has also published several books on fashion history.

"The fashion chronicles" tells the fascinating sartorial stories of 100 of the best-dressed people in history. From Eve's fig leaf to Beyonce's Black panther homage, the way we choose to adorn our bodies can carry layer upon layer of meaning. clothing has been used to signify power, to dazzle and beautify, even to prop up or dismantle regimes.

This book travels across five thousand years to chart these stories, from Cleopatra to Che Guevara, Joan of Arc to RuPaul.

It is a history of the world told in style.

As a lover of history and fashion it’s a great and very informative book, and I totally recommend it to people who are just getting started with fashion history and are interested in knowing how the study of clothing can act as a portal to the past. This book would have definitely made it to my favorites, had it not been for the pale grey font, which is very hard to read unless I have all my lights on. This probably sounds exaggerated, but straining your eyes while reading is a good enough reason to not like a book. Nonetheless, the content of the book itself is a must read. Do check out the book, and feel free to let me know about your views on the book.

Until then, adios amigos!!

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