Lifestyle and cultural changes.

Fashion history is the history of people. People have loved clothing fashion for thousands of years. From the early days of Egypt to the day clothes have become the expression of who we are. Throughout history, drawings, documents and other archaeological finds have also revealed fashion worn by people in various ancient civilizations. Fashion serves as a thumbprint that society leaves behind, and help to define an era. It is the barometer of a culture. Fashion measures people's attitudes, morals, views, delineations in society, reflects economic status.

Before the late nineteenth century and the emergence of fabric houses, clothing was largely an "at home" affair. Clothing was a supreme communicator of one's rank in society, and sumptuary laws were frequently enacted to ensure that the lower classes could not assume false representation through fashion. up to the industrial evolution and the advent of new manufacturing technology that surfaced shortly thereafter, fashion kept a status quo that was slow to change.

*Context borrowed from the books of Steven Faerm*.

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